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Coaching Resources & Supports

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Coaches Network

The PBIS/ISF Coaches Network will be virtual, quarterly in the months of August, November, January, and March from m 9:00-11:00* (unless otherwise noted). Any individuals within the school district responsible for the climate, culture, social-emotional-behavioral needs of students and/or staff are welcome to attend. School PBIS coaches are also welcome and encouraged to attend for networking opportunities and up to date resources. 

Districts and schools are encouraged to set up their own networking calls on the additional months. WKEC can support those calls as needed. 

Coaching Resources & Supports

Samples of the newsletter, postcards, and coaching prompts are listed below. Click on any to be taken to the monthly prompts for more resources or information.  If you are interested in being added to the mailing list, please contact or

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Click newsletter to access full PDF version.

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