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Crisis Recovery Resources

On December 10th, our region encountered a traumatic, catastrophic, and devastating tornadic event that affected many districts throughout our area. While many have volunteered precious time and resources, it is now up to us to rebuild and recover. The resources below will not 'fix' all that has gone wrong or all the hurt we have faced, but they will help to repair as we begin moving forward. Additional resources will continue to be added as they become available. If you are in need of any further assistance support, or trainings, please reach out through the button below and a member of our WKEC team will be in contact with you. 
Teacher with Pupils
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Chess Playing
Note: The following two resources were developed for the COVID-19 pandemic but are applicable to any disaster or traumatic event. 
Teacher helping student
Family Picnic


WKEC recognizes the importance of consistent support, regardless of the crisis or hard time a teacher, school, or district is facing. If your classroom or school district is in need of further Crisis Recovery support, resources, or training, and you are a WKEC district, please contact us so we can help meet your needs!

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