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WKEC PBIS Regional Implementation Team has paired with Midwest PBIS in order to create a systematic approach to PBIS trainings. These trainings will involve a few selected school districts each year that will participate in a WKEC PBIS Cohort over the course of 3 years, or until trainings are complete. 


The WKEC PBIS Cohort takes school districts through a systematic approach to ensure the district is trained appropriately, starting at the top and going down (district level to school level). The ultimate goal is to build capacity and sustainability to maintain fidelity at the district and school levels, regardless of what personnel changes.


General Cohort Resources can be found at the bottom of the page.

WKEC school districts interested in participating in upcoming cohorts should contact WKEC Regional Implementation Team. 


Click HERE to find Cohort 1 training schedule and resources. 

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Click HERE to find Cohort 2 training schedule and resources. 

 General Cohort Resources  

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