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A hallmark of PBIS is the use of an integrated evaluation process for making data-based decisions. The PBIS evaluation processes serve to promote data-based decision-making for schools and districts at Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III levels of support. In turn, this data also supports your development of a training and technical assistance plan with your coaches and other service providers.

Midwest PBIS

PBIS Apps & Assessment

PBIS Assessment is a web-based application that is housed within PBIS Apps. It is designed to assist in high-fidelity, sustained implementation of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS), A major feature of SWPBIS is the commitment to ongoing assessment of implementation. PBIS Assessment provides surveys for teams to take as they examine their level of SWPBIS adoption and guides them through the process for how to improve implementation to benefit students, their families, and the overall school culture. Surveys are completed online with reports immediately available as soon as a survey is submitted. (Midwest PBIS)

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More information about PBIS Apps can be found HERE

More information about PBIS Assessment can be found HERE

Already implementing and evaluating your PBIS/ISF efforts? Visit REGIONAL RECOGNITON PAGE to be recognized for your efforts. 

Not sure where to begin? Contact a member of the WKEC Regional PBIS/ISF for support. 

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